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Crypto news, launches, and discussions

Q&A: Tom Hunt, Angel Investor and Growth Consultant at R_Block

Token Daily Redesign: Company Profiles by Preston Attebery - Blockchain Design - Dribbble

Deep Dive with Fabian Vogelsteller, founder LUKSO & ETH Dapp developer

Crypto Lingo: Who can help explain all the words in the crypto glossary?

Deep Dive with Ryan King, Co-founder of FOAM

Introducing Yax -- the simplest way to calculate your crypto taxes for 2017

Introducing the SENSE Core Platform

OpenSea — the first decentralized marketplace for crypto assets

Witnet - Connects smart contracts to any external data source available online.

Hexel - Create a cryptocurrency for your community.

A Crypto a Day

Clinicoin - Global Health and Wellness Blockchain Platform

I'm new to the crypto-space, where do I start?

Deep Dive with Lindsey Maule, CEO & GP at Luna Capital

Deep Dive with Kyle Samani, Managing Partner Multicoin Capital

Deep Dive with Keith Teare, Exec Chair at Accelerated Digital Ventures

CoinTracker Tax: Everything you need to file your 2017 crypto taxes in the U.S.

Deep Dive with Jackson Palmer, Creator of Dogecoin

Aeto's Crypto Weekly Roundup 2/15/18

RareBits - Buy, sell, and discover crypto assets

‘Crypto nation’ Switzerland issues guidelines to support market

Deep Dive with Kendrick Nguyen, CEO Republic Crypto

Deep Dive with Ryan Selkis

(Not) Another Crypto Resources List – Eric Pelnik – Medium

Deep Dive with Jameson Lopp