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The first shareable, trustless escrow for Ethereum tokens with no deposits, no counterparty risk, and no trading fees
3 years ago
Today we’re launching our mobile site - - where you can access key on-chain data metrics including inflows and outflows of tokens into and out of crypto exchanges.
An easy to start beginner's guide for calculating your capital gains and filing taxes within a few minutes.
With a year of Instant behind us, we’re excited to release a completely new trading experience into public beta. We’ve taken your feedback for a more immersive, informative, and smarter way to make quick decentralized trades on AirSwap. Come try out the new experience today.
Using zero knowledge proofs to allow >450 trades per second on Ethereum DEXs
Join our team and the companies that are building the future of tokenization and decentralized trade. Register now for early bird tickets at
This post is a deep dive into granular Ethereum contract to contract interactions. As a company, we are now offering all function calls, events, traces, and state diffs for Ethereum, queryable as historical datasets and as an ongoing data stream.
We're excited to announce that we've added Lightning Network support to our development platform CoinMesh via lnd, an implementation that is being maintained by Lightning Labs. By automated bitcoind and lnd, developers can get started building out their projects in under 30 minutes!
Dharma Lever, a trustless service for accessing margin in high volume from anywhere in the world, affordably and instantly. Built on Dharma Protocol’s open-source smart contract infrastructure, Dharma Lever will feed and draw credit liquidity from the growing network of Dharma Relayers — creating a radically si..
2 Loopring Project Requests & Prizes for ETHSanFrancisco Hackathon worth $3500 in LRC each. 1) Build a DEX, 2) Write a fee burning contract
Crumbs makes investing in cryptocurrencies easy as pie. With Crumbs you can roundup your sparechange from debit and credit card purchases into baskets of cryptos in addition to instantly trading over a dozen crypto's right from your finger tips.
4 years ago
Aurora EOS is an independent company that will be a block producer for the EOS blockchain.
Metal has officially launched its P2P payments app that rewards users in their native crypto, Metal.
Individuals that purchased the FOAM token can now start adding points to the consensus driven map of the world! The FOAM Map is the second live deployment of a Token Curated Registry on Ethereum.
4 years ago
Reddit curation markets. Import your reddit account and receive more tokens based upon the amount of karma you already have.
In anticipation of our launch tomorrow—September 6th, we've published a step-by-step guide for Cartographers that will contribute to building a consensus driven map of the world.
4 years ago
Gravity is Gravatar for Ethereum. To create your Gravatar, you can go to It's pretty easy, you just enter your name and upload an image to be your gravatar, you sign the transaction with MetaMask or whatever in-browser wallet you use, and poof! You're done.
The easiest way to register domains on the Handshake blockchain.
We are at the cusp of a financial renaissance that has been 9 years in the making since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. Retail investors, businesses, financial institutions, are all waking up to the…
4 years ago
A dev tool that makes it easy for dapp developers to onboard non-crypto people onto their apps. If a user doesn't already have a wallet, the dapp developer can still let the user get started, and in the background, spin up a wallet for them using Middleman. 
Since our acquisition by Metal (and last update), we’ve been busy with design improvements, development, testing, and also adding essential features and functionality from our initial closed beta… is a decentralized, trust based community for verifying blockchain investments and opportunities. The platform will leverage crowdsourced voting and reputation indicators to tackle the risk inherent to ICOs and blockchain based projects.
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  • TokenSoft

    TokenSoft is the volume leader in compliant token sales.

  • Dharma

    The open protocol for tokenized debt.

  • Coinbase

    A secure online platform for buying, selling, and storing digital currencies.

  • Lightning

    A second layer, off-chain scaling proposal for bitcoin.

  • Coda (o1)

    Ensuring the blockchain is inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

  • 0x

    An open protocol for decentralized exchange on the ethereum blockchain.

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