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Being a cryptocurrency trader is a complicated hustle. Apart from trading, you have to pretty much do everything by yourself on accounting and compliance. Here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for the tax season and to avoid being on the wrong side.
A bunch of awesome products have been built on Dharma at previous ETHGlobal hackathons, ranging from short-selling mechanisms, to crowdlending platforms, to debtor DAOs, and we’re looking forward to continuing this momentum at ETHSF. Check out this list for some ideas on what to build on Dharma.
We are excited to launch our new reactions feature that allows you to display how you feel about a product update - using an emoji 👍 - in our feed.
#DeFi Summit is a community event that will be comprised of developer workshops and intimate discussions centered around Decentralized Finance. #DeFi Summit aims to be a unique gathering in that we're ditching the typical presentation-and-panel-style, instead focusing on participatory breakout sessions and technica..
Here's why Loom Network has been hyper-focused on blockchain games...
Coindesk on FOAM Map launching on Ethereum MainNet.
There's a lot going on in Dharma these days: Nadav was on Unchained with Laura Shin, spoke at ETHBerlin, and hosted a meetup in London. We launched our ERC721 collateralizer contract in public beta (NB: this functionality is still *experimental*. Do not use for high-value loans) and released 8 new tutorials.
OCaml that transpiles to Javascript so you can generate proofs in browser.
Calculating Tax on Crypto profits can be tedious. While Indian authorities haven’t put forward any guidelines for tax calculations, US regulators have. Hence, software like BearTax become an important utility for taxpayers. A short interview with founder Vamshi Vangapally who says creating a tax solution for India is..
AirSwap technology will enable tokenized securities to thrive. We are actively working with security token issuers and registered broker-dealers to make this a reality.
Loom has open sourced the smart contract used for card ownership in their Zombie Battleground game. ERC721x is an extension of ERC721 that adds support for multi-fungible tokens and batch transfers while staying fully backward compatible. This allowed them to reduce the cost of sending 2 million cards by 6000x.
In Loopring protocol 2.0, a new fee model is introduced that allows fee payment in any token, but supports LRC by means of protocol level burn and other mechanisms.
Peter, in this video explains why Australians use BearTax for crypto accounting.
Lightcone Relay progress / UP Wallet soft launch based on open source Loopr-iOS / H5Dex v1.1 / New focus areas & Ecosystem activity section
Dharma Community Update: -Hired Sid Ramesh (@sidrmsh) as Protocol Specialist -Launched #DeFi, a community of Decentralized Finance platforms -Received four excellent DIPs -Worked on ERC721 collateralization -Quadrupled the content in our developer FAQ
In 2018, we've seen the emergence of a handful of platforms that, like Dharma, build developer tools and infrastructure for developers. We created a few forums for our community members to share thoughts on the entire ecosystem. Read more here:
BearTax, found online at, aims to be the leading tax filing service for crypto users. Find out how it works today in our review. What Is BearTax? BearTax lets you calculate and file crypto…
After having announced many projects who are building on top of the Loopring Protocol a few weeks back, we wanted to introduce a new DEX who is leveraging Loopring and launching soon: Dolomite…
I am excited to announce I recently joined Mason and James at TokenSoft as the Head of Project Zero to build the future of security tokens. I spent the past few years talking, tweeting, writing, and…
4 months ago
Thank you to everyone that participated and we look forward to building the consensus driven map of the world with everyone in our wonderful community.
FOAM’s dynamic proof of location protocol will enable a permissionless and privacy-preserving network of radio beacons that is independent from external centralized sources such as GPS and capable of…
Today, we're excited to launch the Dharma Relayer Kit, the definitive starting point for building a business on top of Dharma Protocol.
A dApp for user on-boarding, education and relayer discovery.
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