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From the rollout of Trader to the new protocols, catch up on what else is new with AirSwap.
Calling all decentralized finance developers! Each winning submission takes home 2000 DAI. Come check out our bounties:
Michael Oved and Don Mosites join the podcast to talk about what their company Fluidity is building. Fluidity is behind AirSwap, the popular token swap tool built on Ethereum. We discuss what AirSwap is and where it’s headed. We then dive deep into their latest work, tokenized asset portfolios (TAPs). A TAP attempts ..
Our own Maxime Bucaille sat down with defiprime to discuss the brief history of AirSwap, new products like AirSwap Trader, and our involvement in decentralized finance.
We’re excited for the direction we’re taking and broad potential of the new AirSwap protocols. New swap contract, decentralized indexers, and on-chain liquidity. All open source. Read more and join our Discord for discussion:
Tomorrow at 4pm ET, we will stream #AirSwapNext with Crypto Bobby to discuss progress of DeFi, new AirSwap products and improvements, and initiatives with partners like MakerDAO and Keyrock. RSVP for the livestream!
IRS has sent cryptocurrency traders who haven't reported gains on their taxes. IRS seems to have obtained data from third parties. Those who weren't compliant or misreported their gains or hidden them are receiving these letters. They receive a proper response and the instructions were provided in the same letters. The..
IRS is sending out blanket letters to all the cryptocurrency traders they know of from various inputs. One of them could be Coinbase which reports users above a certain threshold.
No slippage, no trade limits, no Maker fees, no loss of custody, and more. These are just some of the benefits of being a Maker on AirSwap. Sign up today at
We’re actively working with, the leading resource for discovering decentralized applications (dapps), to help educate new, incoming users on how to trade on AirSwap. Check out the complete beginner’s guide:
We recently integrated EQUAL into AirSwap Instant to provide more simplistic wallet options for traders. Today, the EQUAL team continues to embrace simplicity with a new, easy video tutorial:
We've open sourced our implementation of a fully functional Loopring backend: an off-chain orderbook host and matching engine.
With a year of Instant behind us, we’re excited to release a completely new trading experience into public beta. Today, we are on Product Hunt, a website that allows early adopters like you to discover products like us.
We sat with Grapefruit Trading to talk about their experience on AirSwap Spaces as an OTC liquidity provider in a variety of crypto assets. To learn more about OTC on AirSwap Spaces, read on and email us at [email protected]
By implementing the Consumer Token Framework and using the Swap Protocol on AirSwap, the Civil token sale represents a better, more sustainable way forward, particularly in light of the SEC’s recent framework.
A new AirSwap is coming. Sign up for the private beta today and be the first to test a new, streamlined trading experience:
Boom!!!! We hit 1 Million users on Telegram! Even though this is an amazing personal goal for myself, the mission is still to provide quality tools to manage communities across all platforms.
A novel type of auction model that allows continuous participation from both sides of market.
A lot of times, investors will have more than a few transactions given the volatility and round the clock trading of cryptocurrency. If you are someone in this category with more than 250 transactions and would like to use TurboTax, there's a hurdle today which restricts you to import only 100-250 transactions and not ..
BearTax, a cryptocurrency tax software used by thousands of crypto investors to consolidate and calculate their tax liability is now integrated with TaxAct. One can easily export their gain loss details in TaxAct compatible format and use it with any software that supports TaxAct format. This makes it easy for many to ..
BearTax, a cryptocurrency tax software for retail investors and CPAs is now integrated with TurboTax online. Users calculating their tax liability using BearTax can now export gain loss information into a CSV and upload it on TurboTax Online to add cryptocurrency trades on their tax filing. This makes lives much easier..
A comprehensive study into current state of stablecoins, with a focus on a regulatory 'trust framework' for compliant fiatcoins.
DexIndex is a free, open source tool that searches Ethereum DEXs for the best prices.
We're happy to announce that Dharma Lever is open for the next wave of alpha partner participants. Given the recent market volatility, we've seen high demand for trustless long/short exposure to ETH and USDC. If you're interested in borrowing at 2% APR, shoot us a message! Or check out Lever at
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