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The Difference Between and XRP
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To help clarify how Ripple, the technology company, and XRP, the independent digital asset, are distinctly different, we’ve outlined in a simple infographic the most frequent questions related to the two.
1 day ago
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Goes To Korea
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Next week we (Michael and Geoffrey) are heading to Korea to speak at the Beyond Blocks Summit in Seoul. This is going to be a fantastic event, and will highlight the increasingly important Korea crypto market to investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. I'll be participating in a discussion on July 18 about in..
4 days ago
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With a view to prevent further mistakes in usage of two notions, Ripple Labs Inc explained the difference between their brand and digital asset XRP.
5 days ago
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The class action suit alleges that Ripple and its team illegally sold and promoted XRP, Ripple’s currency, as an unregistered security.
1 week ago
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Another Ripple Lawsuit Claims XRP Is A Security
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A third investor in three months is suing Ripple on grounds that the XRP cryptocurrency is a security issued by the firms. 
1 week ago
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Ripple Faces Third Securities Fraud Lawsuit
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Emerging cryptocurrency regulations are shaping the landscape for ICOs and other blockchain businesses. Ripple (XRP) is now facing its third class-action lawsuit for securities fraud. Allegations of Ripple Price Manipulation On June 27, Ripple Labs Inc. and CEO Brad Garlinghouse received signed court documents by the ..
1 week ago
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