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Token Daily for August 13


"Day two of silence...They've filed a trademark for the term 'NIFTY', a word they did not coin and a brand they do not own. It is monopolization of a generic word."

- Matt's favorite word NIFTY has been trademarked by CryptoKitties, and he's on a mission to have the decision reversed. You can follow the adventures here - today marks Day 5 of the tweetstorm.

CryptoKitties co-founder Roham has since clarified that the intent is to mitigate confusion around specific product lines. To which Matt has responded: This is Not Cool™


⚡️ Distributed Ledger Technology Systems In collaboration with the University of Cambridge, TD'er Andrew Glidden and co-authors recently published a report that identifies major components within blockchain systems and analyzes how each one affects overall system properties. 

💰 Winklevii are undeterred The Winklevoss twins continue to grow the business even after the SEC rejected their ETF proposal a second time. Expect to read more anti-climatic headlines like these during the bear market. 

🗓 Nebulas vesting period The founders of Nebulas, a blockchain ranking system for dApps, have decided to delay their vesting period to10 years to ensure the team stays focused on the technical vision. 

📉 ETH dips below $300 we generally avoid reporting on pricing, but this is the lowest ETH has been in 2018. Good thing we're in it for the technology. 

🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia reminds its citizens that cryptocurrency trading is illegal.

🤔 Luxcore has a new CEO After his unhackable "wallet" was hacked, John McAfee's logical next step was, of course, accepting a position as Luxcore's CEO.

🚨 We're actually giving away BTC 800 dollars worth to be exact. And you only have to submit your email to be in the running. 


🚀 Handshake Explorer It's only been about a week since Handshake's come out of stealth, but someone's already put together a block explorer for the Handshake testnet.


📖 Not all governance is voting Tony Sheng on our propensity to conflate voting with governance when the operational reality is different

📖 What's eating crypto? Distributed Global's Jonathan Cheesman explains why the liquid token market has been so weak this year and holds fast to the idea that the development of the Web 3.0 tech stack (as well as the generational shift around it) has been, and will continue to be, valuable. 

📖 10 things you can do on the blockchain ...that you can't on the web. William Mougayar's list over here. Think something's missing from the list? Respond directly to this email, and we'll feature your resonse in a future issue. 

Opinions and observations from our readers. Have a thought you'd like to share? Reply directly to today's issue, and we'll review your submission.

Lawson Baker:
"Capitalism at its core is based on persons allocating scarce resources to exchange work (goods + services) in a competitive, open-market with profit maximization being the only goal. This competitive drive took the human race to new heights by creating new value for users to produce profits for investors.

However, I believe we are trending towards a future where organizations driven by users and shareholders have competition: user-only organizations." 

Lawson on how security tokens of the future will work, and what moving beyond a world controlled by entities with shareholders looks like over here.

What are your thoughts on governance of decentralized projects?

Arianna Simpson shares a timeline around when we can expect to see good models for effectively governing decentralized projects.


Block Explorer

An online tool for exploring the blockchain of a specific cryptocurrency. You can watch and follow live transactions happening on the blockchain. Block explorers generally provide info around network hash rate, coin supply, transaction growth, etc.

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