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Token Daily for Dec 13


"Wow you are terrible at reporting. I would block the account but I enjoy some humor every now and then. "

- An anon in response to Business Insider blaming bitcoin's slump on threatening emails that asked for a ransom in bitcoin. Also, a couple of threads you need to read today include Peter McCormack's tweetstorm about going from $32k worth of cryptocurrencies to $1.2m and back down to $0. And this thread about a guy who resolves to only check bitcoin's price annually. 




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Lessons from Sagan Tuesday's issue on impressing each other in crypto vs. educating the masses sparked some great conversations.

We had one reader write in the following response:

"Carl Sagan is a good archetype to draw inspiration from. He understood that an academic understanding of astronomy would not be enough to inspire all people to look to the stars. So he developed content that made astronomy and cosmology more approachable and desirable/interesting to the layman. 

I’m sure many of his contemporaries scoffed at how simplistic his explanations were and held the general public in some mild form of contempt. But it was Sagan’s approach that created demand and support for American space programs. And that drove a more humanist understanding of the universe and our place in it. So if you want crypto to go mainstream, I think technologists need to take a more Saganesque approach to the subject.

'Crypto' for one is not an interesting nor desirable term. And in order to romanticize crypto, I believe you must romanticize something more fundamental: Money. Value. Wealth. Just how Sagan focused his energy 
not on astronomy or its technical aspects — but instead on more tangible, human concepts: Earth. Stars. The universe."

I love this response because it uplevels the argument from one around the importance of educating to one around the importance of inspiring.

And it brings to mind a recent quote that's been thrown around tech and crypto twitter which goes something along the lines of "if you want to build a boat don't direct your crew to gather wood and assign them tasks, make them long for the endless immensity of the sea." Though these things aren't mutually exclusive, the order of operations here does matter. Lead with inspiration and have education/instruction follow.



📖 The SEC reiterates its stance on crypto CoinList describes the four areas that the SEC has recently doubled down on (one day after Basis closes up shop).


🐻 Plasma Bears A collectible crafting game from the creators of Neon District.


If we look at Google search trends over time, interest in: cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, and their respective prices tends to swing whichever way the market does. But if we look to searches for blockchain jobs, the trend is more consistent and more heavily skews up and to the right. With the recent downsizing of companies like ConsenSys and sunsetting of companies like Basis, there are even more talented free agents looking to help build valuable, long-lasting products in the space. If this is you, let us know more.

Over the past few weeks, Storecoin has announced a Governance Peer Review process and Working group, and shared the “why” behind their model of decentralized checks-and-balances based governance designed to combat both plutocracy and populism. 

This week, they’re providing an overview of the “what” and “how." This overview post includes the principles, parties, process
and infrastructure behind their p2p, decentralized republic governance proposal. To join 40+ others on their public peer review mailing list and provide feedback, sign up here.


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