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Token Tuesday


Calling all new TD'ers: Token Tuesday is a series we run on - wait for it - Tuesdays where we give a comprehensive breakdown of a specific token, how it works, the team's history, and concerns around the project.

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.



In today's Token Tuesday on Steem, we walk through:

  • The difference between Steem, Steem Power & Steem Backed Dollars
  • How Steem users curate Steemit's content
  • The team behind Steem
  • Concerns around censorship, the "bot economy," and inflation 

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🚀 Gravity USV's Dani Grant is at it again. Her latest product launch, Gravity, is Gravatar for Ethereum. Gravity allows account holders to set and update their own names and images to be used as avatars in decentralized applications. Apps, dapps and wallets can then easily pull gravatar names and images from the smart contract to display them as avatars in-app.  


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