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Token Tuesday


Calling all new TD'ers: Token Tuesday is a series we run on - wait for it - Tuesdays where we give a comprehensive breakdown of a specific token, how it works, the team's history, and concerns around the project.

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.



In today's Token Tuesday on Ripple, we walk through:

  • How the Federated Byzantine Agreement works
  • Ripple's xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia products
  • The team behind Ripple
  • Centralization and legal concerns 

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"It's simple: my internet coin is falling because markets have natural cycles and short-term price is a weak signal, but *your* internet coin is falling because the market is an unerring beacon of truth."

- Josh on bear market logic. 

h/t: Nick Abouzeid
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🚀 Toward a million markets The Paradex team shares which tokens will be added next, their vision for a million-token world, and what the team's been up to since the Coinbase acquisition. 


🚀 B is for bitcoin. An illustrated children's primer on everything blockchain from Algorithms to Zero knowledge proofs. All profits from the book go to early childhood education non-profits.


🌴 CryptoSprings. Meltem Demirors, Elizabeth Stark, Stacy Herbert, and Amanda Fabiano have teamed up to put on CryptoSprings - a two-day gathering with top speakers in the industry (including Linda Xie, Jill Carlson, and Amber Baldet) to discuss economics, culture, tech, and the future of cryptocurrency. 


☑️ Industry lexicon poll. Submitted by TD'er Dan Zuller, the results of his recent poll on which word (cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, or digital assets) is gaining the most popularity as far as industry lexicon goes. 73 votes later, here are the results.  


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