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Token Daily for August 15



- Ryan Selkis on the best airdrop methodology he's seen.


🚨 SGX attack In the spirit of Meltdown and Spectre, a new vulnerability called Foreshadow could expose Intel's "secure" enclave to attack. Which is especially concerning since a number of crypto projects rely on SGX. 

💰 LINE launches a token venture fund The Japanese messaging giant's new subsidiary Unblock Ventures has $10m committed and plans to increase the fund size as the industry develops.  

⚖️ OpenLaw + ChainLink Incorporating ChainLink’s oracle functionality, the OpenLaw protocol will now be able to access real-world data and calculate the value of smart contracts at moment of transfer.

🍴 Siacoin In an attempt to subvert mining giant Bitmain, Nebulous (the company employing sia's core developers) is moving ahead with the siacoin fork.

🤝 Wyre + MakerDAO Blockchain money transfer company Wyre just teamed up with MakerDAO to offer Dai as part of a fiat-crypto trading pair in more than 30 countries. 

🚨 We're actually giving away BTC 800 dollars worth to be exact. And you only have to submit your email to be in the running. 


🚀 Binance Academy A brand new, open access learning hub from Binance officially launched yesterday. The team's aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for blockchain and crypto learning resources.


💸 Bitwise Just launched three new indexes and announced a new index advisory board that includes Srikant Dash, former Global Head of Indexing for Bloomberg, Spencer Bogart, Partner and Head of Research at Blockchain Capital, and Matt Hougan, former CEO of and Inside ETFs. 


⚡️ BOLT The first code release of BOLT (anonymous private payment channels that function similar to Lightning) is now available.


📖 BitMEX email heard 'round the world BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes' update has been making its rounds on the internet for its blunt reflections on the state of the industry, economically irrational investors, exchanges that sold this year, and what miners are positioned to do next.

📖 The Road to a Bitcoin ETF In his latest post, Scalar Capital's Jordan Clifford breaks down what an ETF is exactly, and why it's been tough to get clearance from the SEC to bring one to market.

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Mason Borda:
"2018 is on track to being the busiest year ever for crypto hacks. As of June of this year, losses from crypto attacks were estimated to total around $2.3 billion, and hackers have shown no signs of slowing down. If you hold or use cryptocurrency in any capacity, it’s worth taking extra precautions to protect your funds from would-be thieves.

Taking protective measures does not need to be difficult or stressful — the best way to shield yourself from these attacks is to understand the means by which hackers are entering private systems, understand the entry-points that the hackers may target, and explore simple solutions that can protect against their go-to attack vectors." 

Mason's post Minimum Viable Security dispels common security myths and walks through optimal methods to keep your assets and private information secured. 

How are we going to get to 100M+ crypto users? When?

Garry Tan shares his thoughts.



A timelock restricts the spending of certain bitcoins until a specified future time or block height. Meaning you can initiate a transaction now that pays someone next month. Currently, there are 4 different timelock options, 2 of which are script-level and 2 that are transaction-level.

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