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Token Daily for Nov 8


"Merry No2Xmas!"

- Ben on the one-year anniversary of SegWit2x being called off. To learn how SegWit2x's failure cemented the "Bitcoin is digital gold" thesis (not a better PayPal) read more here.



โš–๏ธ EtherDelta The SEC recently reached a settlement (to the tune of $400k) with EtherDelta founder Zachary Coburn. Coburn was fined for operating an unregistered exchange in what's been dubbed the first SEC enforcement action on a decentralized exchange.

Though some have noted the charge seems light - and arguably positive on the SEC's part - Blockchain Capital's H. Joshua Rivera has pointed out, " [it's] probably part of the SEC's strategy in seminal enforcement actions like this one to offer an "easy" settlement. The target is disincentivized from fighting and it gives the SEC favorable precedent to use against players with better arguments and more willing to fight [in the future]."

For a complete list of today's trending articles, head on over here.


Dispelling Myths About Ethereum's Disk Space


"Thereโ€™s a recurring discussion around Ethereumโ€™s need for 1.6 terabytes of disk space (and that number is growing fast). The implication is that it's no longer practical to run fully-validating Ethereum nodes on consumer hardware and, therefore, the project is doomed.


Fortunately, the disk bloat anxiety is a non-issue, but it's a topic thatโ€™s nuanced, which facilitates the spread of misleading, sensationalist headlines. Afri Schoedon, a Parity developer, attempted to explain the disk usage in great detail in Nov 2017 as have others in blogs and social media, yet the confusion persists.


This post is another attempt to dispel the Ethereum disk bloat anxiety.


At a high level, the fact that Ethereum can be configured to use 1.6TB does not mean it needs 1.6TB to be a fully validating node."

Jonathon Otto's full piece on Ethereum's disk space here.



๐Ÿ“– The Unintended Consequences of Product Design MyCrypto's Taylor Monahan on common design mistakes we make in the crypto space and how to prevent against them


๐Ÿ“– The Problem Bitcoin Solves Saifedean Ammous' response to Paul Krugman's question: what is the problem cryptocurrency solves?  


๐Ÿš€ BitMEX VC BitMEX just launched its own VC arm led by Kumar Dandapani, a former partner at Nth-Degree Analytics.



โšœ๏ธ Binance Research in-depth analysis and institutional-grade research reports for investors in the crypto space.



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