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Token Daily Newsletter #12


"'technical indicator' means 'I'm trying to turn MS Paint into money'" 

Sonya Mann 📈



⚡️$1B Worth of Bitcoin Moved 

And TokenAnalyst suspects the transaction came from a Huobi BTC wallet. 

⚡️ Why Miniscript is Important

A blog post that offers a glimpse into what the future of building bitcoin applications will look like - courtesy of Pieter Wuille and Andrew Poelstra.



🔹 AZTEC Protocol Ignition Ceremony

AZTEC is building a privacy layer on top of Ethereum using the magic of zero-knowledge proofs, in specific, zkSNARKs. For the system to start, a ceremony needs to be performed to generate the initial critical cryptographic parameters for the protocol. AZTEC is calling 200 participants to be part of this ceremony. If only a single participant is honest the protocol will be secure. The ceremony is scheduled to start in October and last for 30 days of Multi-Party Computations. 

🔹MakerDAO New Oracle Design 

MakerDAO and other DeFi protocols are incorporating community feedback to help make DeFi more decentralized. Consequently, Maker just announced major steps towards improving its price oracle design. The new design aims to use other DeFi protocols as price feeds, expand MKR governance rights to vote on adding/removing feeds, and use votes to handle the technical aspects of the oracle system design. 



On Deck Crypto Fellowship

The Token Daily Capital team is partnering with On Deck to ring in the first crypto On Deck fellowship. On Deck fellowships are designed to bring together founders and entrepreneurs who want to explore their next step. We are working to announce further details about the fellowship soon.


Instead of a long-form thought of the day this week, we thought we'd leave you with this fun Satoshi rap battle video produced by Reid Hoffman on fiat vs. crypto. (Catch Token Daily GP Soona Amhaz at 0:58 as well as other crypto luminaries in the audience.)


Disclosure: Token Daily Capital and/or its partners may have exposure to some of the cryptocurrencies mentioned in this newsletter.

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