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Token Daily for August 8



"Fight Club, but instead of credit card buildings, social media data centers."

- Michael with the Web 3.0 movie pitch. In related news, bitcoiners on Twitter have set up an instance on Mastadon (a decentralized Twitter alternative) that you can join here.

πŸ’° Fintech Frenzy In his latest post, Matt Harris surveys the current state of fintech and provides a broader picture of the trends we've seen in each category from payments to crypto.  

🦊 No longer injecting Web3 Starting November 2nd, MetaMask and other dapp browsers will no longer automatically inject web3 and, instead, have dapps request access using a new postMessage API. Why? There's a serious privacy risk in the current system that allows bad actors to track Ethereum users and use that information to target phishing attacks.

🀝 TokenSoft just partnered up with OpenFinance Network which means projects will be able to list on OFN directly through TokenSoft's platform, immediately after completing their respective token sales. 

🌴 CryptoSprings No noise, only signal. Meltem Demirors, Elizabeth Stark, Stacy Herbert, and Amanda Fabiano have teamed up to put on CryptoSprings - a two-day gathering with top speakers in the industry (including Linda Xie, Jill Carlson, and Amber Baldet) to discuss economics, culture, tech, and the future of cryptocurrency. Unlike most conferences in this space, tickets are less than $1000. And scholarships are available, too.

 πŸ“Š 42 industries blockchain could transform CB Insights' latest report maps the different industries experimenting with blockchain tech solutions and lists which startups are leading each initiative. 

πŸ„β€β™€οΈ Mine while you surf ...the web. Bitmain's new WiFi routers double as crypto miners. In other Bitmain news, Uber's biggest shareholder, Softbank, just backed the crypto mining hardware manufacturer. 

🚨 We're actually giving away BTC 800 dollars worth to be exact. And you only have to submit your email to be in the running. 


πŸš€ Bettergram essentially a fork of the Telegram desktop client, Bettergram retains all of Telegram's features but allows up to 50 pinned chats and helps filter and navigate conversations, favorites, DMs and groups. 


πŸ‘€ Radar Relay update Based on the results of their recent user interviews, Radar Relay's updated their marketplace selector, with a new user interface and functionality. In case you missed it, the team's doing a Q&A with us on Friday, and you can ask questions in advance.


πŸ’» Opera is introducing a crypto wallet for its desktop browser


πŸ“– Participatory design for cryptoeconomic systems In her latest post, ConsenSys design strategist Andy Morales provides a thorough guide on how crypto projects can incorporate participatory design thinking and systems as they build out their platforms. 

πŸ“– Security token skepticism Former EY blockchain and cryptocurrency lead Angus Champion de Crespigny outlines several reasons he's dubious of the benefits today's tokenized securities advocates claim.

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Jeremy Rubin:
"Whatever they call it: an airdrop, a share, a gift, a giveaway, etc, the idea is the same: noble intentions of correcting long-standing social iniquities by "giving money away."

...There's a catch that subverts this good intention, however, and it expands well beyond operational difficulties like identifying real users. That is, when it comes to correcting these inequities, giving away cash generally doesn't work.

Plans that simply give out assets are misguided, because they conflate money with a different, though related, concept: wealth." 

Jeremy's full post on the effectiveness of different asset distribution models (and how we should approach financial iniquity solutions) over here.

When you consider a token investment, how do you build long-term valuation models and what factors do you consider? 

Scalar Capital's Linda Xie weighs in.



Short for bitcoin improvement proposal. A BIP is a technical design document for introducing features or information to Bitcoin and its community. Fun fact: the first BIP (BIP 0001 - which has since been superseded by BIP 0002) was submitted by Amir Taaki on August 19, 2011 to describe what a BIP is. 


Token Foundry is a global platform that provides everyone a safe and fair way to buy and sell tokens. The platform offers a suite of products & services to make it safe and easy to launch, manage, and buy/sell tokens throughout their lifecycle. Token Foundry supports work tokens, utility tokens, consumer tokens, non-fungible tokens, and more.

Token Foundry’s clients include companies like FOAM, Flying Carpet, Cuipo, Weeve, Colendi, Aikon, GamerToken, ARA, and VirtuePoker. 

Over 50,000 blockchain enthusiasts signed up in 2018, see why over here. 

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