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Token Tuesday


Calling all new TD'ers: Token Tuesday is a series we run on - wait for it - Tuesdays where we give a comprehensive breakdown of a specific token, how it works, the team's history, and concerns around the project.

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.



In today's Token Tuesday on Nano, we walk through:

  • How Nano's block lattice works
  • The project's spam prevention system
  • The team behind Nano
  • Potential project weaknesses

For the full post, hop on over here


...on Friday with Radar Relay. Built on 0x, Radar Relay facilitates wallet-to-wallet trading using an open order book. There are no accounts, no limits, and no deposits. Get your questions in early over here.


🚀 Namebase. By TD'er Tieshun, Namebase is a registrar and exchange for Handshake. Which means that when Handshake mainnet launches next month, Namebase will be the easiest way to register domains on its blockchain. 


📖 The distributed computing update. USV's Dani Grant walks through developments she's observed in distributed computing since her last post, projects she's excited about, and the two ways the future of distributed computing could play out. 


📖 A red ocean for smart contract protocols. Tony Sheng on why smart contract protocols today are struggling to reach end-users, the reason protocols are pouring money into game development, and what he anticipates the first viral hit will look like.


📖 Mapping the decentralized financial system. TD'er Max Bronstein makes a case for why decentralized financial primitives are more efficient than today's systems across a number of features. He also provides detailed explanations of what's currently being built and brought to market.


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