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2018 Will Be The Year Airdrops Replace Advertising. Good Riddance.

If blockchain represents a fundamental reimagining and reorganization of the internet, few things are as ripe for disruption as “the internet’s original sin” itself: advertising. Online advertising…

Article posted 2 years ago

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Calvin Chu
Nice - Direct user incentivization for the win!
Costs of Acquisitions seem to never actually go to the people that are being "acquired", airdrops actually do provide people the signup bonuses directly. Consumer loyalty programs engrained into a tradable token? We're ready. 2018 let's go.
Ben Tossell
What's the TLDR of this post?
Nathaniel Whittemore
@bentossell The long and short of the piece is that airdrops allow token based companies to actually align the value between user acquisition and attention and cost, without the intermediaries and weird tactics of online advertising. Basically:

1. They allow the company to affirm that the prospective user is valuable to them, without chasing them around the web with cookies;
2. They allow the company to pay the user directly for their attention, rather than pay an intermediary
3. They give the user the mechanism to actually participate in the community/economy, rather than just serving a piece of ad content that interrupts whatever they were otherwise doing.

@bentossell @nlw curious what your thoughts are on scale wrt airdrops vs advertising - how many users are participating in airdrops? how do you replicate that reach?

also - tangential thought - what's your opinion on ad tokens?
Nathaniel Whittemore
@bentossell @soonaorlater I think the most important part of this one-to-one replacement idea is how much better airdrops are (at first blush) at aligning incentives between the company trying to attract attention and the users with attention to give.

Of course, not every company that needs to advertise is going to have a token as a part of their offering, so airdrops aren't the whole solution. That said, I think the most exciting piece is the idea that attention gets rewarded directly. I'm really excited about projects like Brave/Basic Attention Token that reward users for their attention and compensate publishers/creators directly. Stream Token is another one I'm watching in that space. Also keeping an eye on MAD Network and ClearCoin to see how they address other big sticky issues in programmatic, ad fraud etc.