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3 simple steps + screenshots to build your decentralized organization on top of Aragon!

Hey there fellow creators! This post aims to be a resource for anyone who wants to set up any kind of organization using Aragon’s technology, which released its beta just a few days ago. It’s…

Article Aragon posted 2 years ago

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Jose Garay
Thanks Ben for posting! I hope the TD community finds it useful too 🙌
Ben Tossell
@joselfgaray thanks for making this guide!! do you plan on making some example DAOs of different types and giving the breakdown too?

What have been some of the most interesting things in using this release?
Ben Tossell
Since the launch of Aragon Core 0.5, I've been looking for a simple [email protected] has done just that!

"The style of the guidelines that follow is very basic: someone with pretty much no knowledge of cryptocurrencies or Ethereum should get a solid understanding of the mechanics on how to create a DAO on top of Aragon following 3 simple steps."