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Announcing $9.2M in Series A funding to support compliant Initial Coin Offerings

Today we are announcing a $9.2 million initial fundraising round. Among the investors is a group of the industry’s most notable cryptocurrency funds: Polychain Capital, Digital Currency Group, FBG…

Article CoinList posted 2 years ago

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Ben Tossell

"In the nine-months since inception, CoinList has processed more than $400M in compliant cryptocurrency investments from thousands of accredited investors. In the now clearer regulatory environment that we’re operating in, where token sales are treated as securities, there is a growing need from the most promising blockchain companies to have superior token sale compliance and execution for their offerings. CoinList exists to provide these financial services and more for the next generation of technology companies."

@andy_bromberg what does this raise mean for CoinList and why the split for AL?

Whats next on the roadmap for CoinList?