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Announcing Bitfract: The Easiest Way to Invest in a Diversified Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies

Whether you’re a professional trader or have yet to take the plunge, we’re pleased to introduce you to Bitfract, the first tool enabling users to exchange a single cryptocurrency for up to 62 other…

Launches posted 2 years ago

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Ben Tossell
What is the big problem that this is solving?
Bitfract | beta
Hi @bentossell, thank you for sharing us!

On the surface, Bitfract saves you from having to execute multiple individual trades every time you want to invest another $1000 into your portfolio of 30+ cryptocurrencies.

On a deeper level, we’re making diversified crypto-portfolios more accessible to the average person, with the mission of one day enabling anyone to manage and maintain their own digital assets.
Symbolic Muscle
This tool would have saved me hours last year! Once beta is launched, will it be available everywhere?
Bitfract | beta
Hi, @SymbolicMuscle! Bitfract will be available first to users in California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming on April 1st. We will be opening up our platform to users across the globe as soon as possible.
Paula Pettit
Amir Bahari
Finally! I’m game 💰
awesome tool, add it to this list of funds on crypto if you dont mind