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Ben Tossell
This looks pretty awesome! (not just because of the name!)

@kudry @alexsismanis what's the plan with Ben? What is missing out there that made you develop this
Miguel Kudry
@bentossell Thank you for posting about Ben, Ben! :-)

Our mission for Ben is to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and teach people about the capabilities of this technology, starting with Bitcoin.

We strongly believe in understanding what you buy - after all, that's how we make smart decisions and how we'll drive adoption. That's why Ben combines the features of a decentralized wallet, an exchange, and education (which includes in-app lessons and daily news) on a mobile application. We will increasingly add support for other cryptocurrencies and services as we integrate with other exchanges and products.
Maximillian From-Accounting
This looks cool, does it give me news on crypto as well?
Alex Sismanis
@Maximillian-From-Accounting thanks for checking it out! We'll be sending out daily updates with summaries of curated news on all things happening in the crypto world. If something big happened you'll hear about it from Ben. Keeping up with the latest is as simple as asking Ben "What's new?"
Sromana Mukhopadhyay
Nice landing page simple yet informative.