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Bitcoin price: BTC plummets as India banks shut down trading | City & Business | Finance |

Crypto prices were sent plummeting after many of India’s leading private banks targeted and suspended cryptocurrency exchange accounts in a bid to curb digital currency trading.

Article posted 4 years ago

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"Plummets" is a bit of an exaggeration here. It'll be funny if all these countries are taking turns to test their influence.

South Korea: We caused the biggest dip ever!
India: Oh yea? Wait till we start our own shut down.
USA: Lol, kids, we can crash this whole thing in a day.
@calchulus Yh true 20% is significant, just not shocking for some I guess.
Calvin Chu
@tsyinka while I agree that it's a clickbaity exaggeration, a 20% dip is certainly a significant drop.
Totally agree with you re: countries sending signals to markets -
It's also incredibly over-reactional, as India, if completely shut down, wouldn't represent a 20% dip in the # of current bitcoinholders.