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Casa's Jeremy Welch and Alena Vranova on Crypto Custody

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Saturday 27th October
Company: Casa
Role: Founder (Jeremy Welch), Strategy (Alena Vranova)

As the value of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies increase, custody has become
an increasingly important and sophisticated part of self-sovereignty. The
freedom and ease at which cryptocurrencies can be transferred also makes
them a honeypot for hackers, coupled with immutable records, there is
little recourse should your funds be stolen.

People hold their cryptocurrencies in a variety of wallets, from paper to
hardware but these still expose vulnerabilities. From lost seed phrases to
personal attacks, there is a demand in the market for more sophisticated
custody solutions, and Casa is leading the way in developing the space.

With their central three-of-five management solution, Casa has targeted
those with significant portfolios, but with the release of their Bitcoin
full node and lightning node they are opening up options to more customers.

In this interview, I talk with Casa founder, Jeremy Welch and strategy
lead, Alena Vranova (previously Trezor) about how the Casa solution works,
the challenges of managing custody and why design is central to everything
they do.

Article posted 7 months ago

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