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Crypto/Blockchain: The Biggest Scam of our Time or our Last Best Hope? - When millions of people started to re-direct their lives, careers and money toward cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and began to announce new, ambitious blockchain start-ups almost every day, there are two possibilities: Either we're witnessing one of history’s periodic examples of “herd mentality” around a new technology way before it’s ready for prime time (along with the associated speculative financial bubble and associated bubble-bursting)… OR… Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are going to fundamentally change how money, information and transactions are organized in our The economy and do so in a way that dramatically improves the world.Decentralization? ICOs? Tokens? Pyramid scheme? Blatant fraud? The best new idea in a long time? Can all these perspectives be correct? In our Ahead of the Curve Speaker Series presented by Jim Clark, economist Nouriel Roubini and Omega One CEO Alex Gordon-Brander will explore and debate the pros, the cons...and the unknowns.Tickets: $40 / free for membersLearn more about joining The Assemblage and getting special access and free entry to all of our programming. - Thursday, October 4, 2018

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