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Curious how to start engaging with Collateralized Debt Positions?

Curious how to start engaging with CDPs? The Dai Stablecoin System allows for opportunities for both profit-seeking traders and stability-seeking holders to participate in a decentralized ecosystem…

Article posted 11 months ago

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Ben Tossell
Here is a clip from a user-story:

So fast-forward to December of this past year; my brother and I were sitting in the kitchen talking about Dai when we realized we could use a CDP to leverage my ETH, generate Dai, and either buy more ETH or (lightbulb…ding!) convert it to USD and use THAT as a loan for the new car. So instead of borrowing from the bank and getting robbed with a high interest rate and fees from the dealership; I could simply leverage a CDP against portion of my ETH holdings, pull out USD and go buy the car for cash.