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Decentralized Startups

I met Matt in 2012 when he was working on his first startup, Coderwall. Our interaction was brief but memorable. A year later he subscribed to a newsletter me and Nathan Bashaw published weekly. I…

Article posted 4 years ago

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Ben Tossell
"While early and unproven, decentralized startups may pose a serious threat to centralized startups. In a mature market, the former will be attractive to talented people, enabling contributors to choose which projects they want to work on without being tied to vesting schedules or exclusivity commitments and receive direct compensation (and potentially financial freedom) working on projects they truly care about."

Couldn't agree more!

@rrhoover - if you had to start any company now from scratch, what would you be most interested in exploring?

And. if you started Product Hunt today - would you have done things differently given the crypto-community landscape?
Ryan Hoover
@bentossell at the moment, I don't have an idea that I'm fired up to pursue as a company. There are _many_ ideas we're working on and thinking about within Product Hunt and AngelList to keep me excited. 😊

If we were to start Product Hunt from scratch today, there are some things I'd do differently with hindsight but I would likely still pursue a VC-led seed round to start. IMHO, we don't have mature tools to build a decentralized startup, yet. It's hard enough to build a startup, let alone build a startup and do so using a relatively unproven path for company building.
Ben Tossell
@rrhoover I said IF haha

Totally. There are a lot of models to explore but as you say, relatively unproven. Very excited about the possibilities though
I feel like if regulators can give a green light to token sales as securities and these tokens are able to give owners voting rights, it would change the narrative. Decentralized startups can now be run in a centralized way but governed in a decentralized way. Imagine if every user of Facebook gets to vote on every single decision in the company or if 1 million people vote on whether Mastercard transaction fees should be 1% or 2%.