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Deep Dive with Airswap co-founder Don Mosites

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Solome Tibebu
Hi Don, what are some of the new and interesting ways you're seeing developers leverage AirSwap for Developers, or what do you foresee as some interesting use cases with your new API?
Don Mosites
Hi @SolomeTibebu!

Today, AirSwap is powered by a group of market makers providing liquidity to consumers through their browsers and mobile wallets. We see this as a great go-to-market for the platform as there's a need for users to be able to make trades safely and quickly around the web, and increasingly within the context of dapps where a token is used. The Widget API is easy to drop-in and we think there's a huge opportunity there for web and dapp developers to put it to work.

The Trading API is really interesting. This is an open peer-to-peer marketplace, where developers can create software that constantly communicates with many peers around the world. We basically expect the unexpected.

This enables markets to be made in real-time, which means that those who wish to create a consumer token can spin it up and make it available for trade anytime. We foresee the most interesting use cases coming in the form of increasingly interesting assets coming online.
Nick Frost
Hey Don, thanks for your time! Here are some questions:
- What value do you imagine AirSwap providing to end users? What's your vision for how the protocol might be used?
- What have you learned from building a company in the blockchain space that's different from traditional startups?
- How do you see the crypto space evolving over the next year or more?
Don Mosites
Thanks for your questions @nickrfrost !

- The protocol is very simple, and that's by design. That means we have to build on it to show what its capable of, and we think the simplicity, security, and scalability of a peer-to-peer system like AirSwap is coming to light. The protocol can actually be used in a variety of ways, among professionals and consumers, people and programs. Today we want to show how decentralized trade can be liquid and usable, and make trading safe and easy.

- Building AirSwap has been fast-paced. What's different is really the sequence of events, between defining and publishing the protocol, building the platform, launching the token, and now pushing AirSwap far and wide. Like any other startup, things move fast, but between the interest in the space and capabilities of our team, it's been an eye-opening year.

- The quality of a marketplace is in the assets available for trade. That's why we introduced the Fluidity stack, an integrated pipeline for bringing real-world assets and security tokens online. We see the space evolving rapidly, and the opportunity in security tokens will evolve just as fast. The ecosystem will continue to hone-in on the best use cases for distributed ledger technology, and we hope to facilitate many of those use cases through tokenization.
Erik Torenberg
Hey Don! Thanks for joining

What's something you believe that others don't believe in the space?

Don Mosites
Hey @eriktorenberg, thanks for your question. You might often hear that decentralized trading systems lack liquidity and usability, and even in some cases, security.

We believe that liquidity comes when the conditions are right for market makers. My co-founder Oved is a veteran trader who spent many years trading on hundreds of venues. We designed our protocol with market makers in mind, and believe liquidity is definitely within reach for decentralized trade. Liquidity will migrate from centralized systems when it makes sense for market makers, and that's something we focus on at AirSwap.

Usability comes from understanding customers, always iterating on design, and integrating products that strip down key use cases to their simplest form. We designed our trading frontend with usability in mind, and likewise believe usability is within reach on decentralized trading systems.

Some say decentralized trade is insecure. This is because many systems that purport to be decentralized are actually not, or are a hybrid. We believe the components of trade—execution, clearance, and custody—must be decentralized to remain secure and avoid issues like front-running. Security is likewise within reach for properly decentralized trading systems, and is top-of-mind for us at AirSwap.
Don Mosites
Hey everyone! I’m Don from AirSwap, a decentralized marketplace for Ethereum tokens. Our latest release a few weeks ago included some cool new features to make quick and easy decentralized trades, even supporting trades on third-party websites. On Thursday we announced Fluidity, a new stack to source, structure, launch, and trade real-world assets and tokens. We also announced AirSwap for Developers, which we’re starting to roll out this week. AMA!
Devin Cofer
Hey Don,

Right now if you look at the AirSwap Roadmap, everything on it appears to be finished, depending on how you interpret some of the language.

Are there plans for a new roadmap, potentially including Fluidity goals, to give us a clear picture through 2018 and into 2019?

Thank you!
Don Mosites
Hey @Ranguvar13!

That's a good observation, and we'll be publishing a fresh roadmap soon enough. Today we're focusing on the "final" phase of the existing roadmap, pursuing the full potential of an open peer-to-peer trading network. We'll continue to push for adoption and new development. We've some exciting days ahead, so keep an eye out for what's next.
Matt Kieffer
Hi Don! I’m trying to put this all together and would like to understand how AirSwap is positioned for the STO market. Hearing much talk about security tokens and would like to understand more from your point of view. Is Fluidity the solution for this? My take away is that one can build apps and launch tokens on Fluidity. Launch tokens like an ICO or launch tokens like a Security Token? Thanks.
Dominique Dresen
Hi. First off: Great platform and development in the recent time. Really enjoy observing it.

As question considering the tokenomics of the AirSwap Token: are there specific ideas to extend the utility of the AST token in the near future? And additionally: when will the everyday user be able to make use of the tokens beyond speculation.

Another question: did you consider adding into the platform a function which checks, in the case that the Ether balance is too low, whether the Wrapped Ether balance is enough? This way the maker could still offer a deal for "Sell token for Weth" and the user save the unwrapping step if the user doesn't want to?
Don Mosites
Thanks @Dominique-Dresen!

The AirSwap Token is for market makers who use the AirSwap Indexer to announce that they’re making or taking markets. This kind of visibility is essential to making peers discoverable to each other. Everyday users are less likely to need to announce themselves, and more likely to simply run searches to find buyers and sellers for the tokens they desire to trade.

As for using WETH to buy tokens, we’ve encouraged using ETH for simplicity, and suggesting traders unwrap what they have. However, in the future, you may be able to change your base asset to see trade prices denominated in for example WETH.
Erik Torenberg
What do people misunderstand or not fully appreciate about DEXes?
Don Mosites
@eriktorenberg Many people aren't familiar with the concept yet, and that'll take an effort by us and other projects to promote awareness and best practices as more people become frustrated with centralized venues. The opportunity is here but we've got to step out front as an ecosystem and rally around the benefits.
Trends people should be paying attention to in the space:
Don Mosites
@soonaorlater Decentralization! The fact that most of the trading is happening on centralized venues is antithetical to the entire mission of distributed ledger technology. It does make sense though, as centralized systems are good for market makers, but as we determine more suitable ways to decentralize trade, we can't lose sight of the opportunity.
Dave Pazdan
Some trades are made via telegram, slack, twitter, and other communication tools. Do you foresee making integrations with any of these that the crypto community commonly uses?
When will everybody beable to be a market maker??
Dennis Stücken
Any plans in making Airswap compatible with more wallets?
Sean Greene
With the announcement of Fluidity, are there any plans down the road to become a National Security Exchange through the SEC?
Hi Don, great presentation on fluidity at the summit. Quick question: how does the ast token tie in with the fluidity stack and security tokens? Will ast be used for intent to trade security tokens by the markers?