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D E S F E M M E S is an annual magazine for women who are thriving at the intersection of tech and finance.

In-depth editorial pieces on the stories and personalities that moved this demographic will be illustrated with outstanding photogrpahy, and published on the highest-quality materials.

It is a collectors' item meant to live with our readers for years to come.

This project is led by:

Camila Russo, The Defiant founder, The Infinite Machine author, previously at Bloomberg News
Leigh Cuen, independent journalist, previously at CoinDesk
Rosalie Lessard, commercial pilot and mechanical engineer

We need $30k to print the first batch of magazines for tech & finance professionals breaking into male-dominated fields who need a publication who speaks to them directly, role models to follow, resources to help them thrive, and a supportive community.

We need more women in the space not just because gender equality may be desirable as a concept; it also makes business sense. Diversity spurs innovation, creativity and producivity. It's good for business, and it will be good for crypto, DeFi, and fintech.

Please support us get to our inaugural issue!

Article posted 10 months ago

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