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ECIP: 1045/undecided
Title: Support for ETH Byzantium & Constantinople EVM and Protocol Upgrades
Status: Draft
Type: Standard Track
Author: Isaac Ardis
Created: 2018-06-18

Add support for a subset of protocol-impacting changes introduced in the Ethereum Foundation (ETH) network via the _Byzantium_ hardfork. The proposed changes include:

Byzantium EVM opcodes and precompiled contracts, namely opcodes REVERT (EIP 206/140), RETURNDATASIZE (EIP 211), RETURNDATACOPY (EIP 211), and STATICCALL (EIP 214/116); and precompiled contracts for modular exponentiation, elliptic curve addition, scalar multiplication, and pairing (EIPs 198, 212/197, 213/196)
Expected Constantinople EVM opcodes, namely bitwise shifting operators SHL, SHR, and SAR (EIP 215); CREATE2 (EIP 1014); and EXTCODEHASH (EIP 1052).

TODO: Research and discuss gas metering changes for SSTORE, proposed in EIP 1283.

Replacing the intermediate state root field in transaction receipts with the contract return status (EIP 658).
This document proposes block 7,100,000 as the upcoming block height at which to implement these changes in the network, placing the expected date of protocol hardfork in January 2019.

For more information on the opcodes and their respective EIPs and implementations, please see the History section of this document.
To enable and maintain interoperability between Foundation and Classic Ethereum Virtual Machines ("EVM"s) and protocol.

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