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Jack Neto
Hey Ben,

our goal is to help people understand and gain control of their financial life. There are lots of budgeting apps, mortgage calculators and tax filling apps out there but they don't seem to talk to each other and connect all the dots so you're always strugling to see the full picture.

Another issue is how hard it is to understand each one of these financial concepts. I think we can help by providing intuitive visualizations so you can make educated decisions.

Using Blockstack as a framework makes a lot of sense because it allows users to keep their data separate from the app. This is very different from your typical web app.
Every app I've built so far started by creating a backend server and a database. Users would have to create and account and login to access their own data.
With Blockstack the app has to ask permission to the user to access their data. Entaxy has no backend server or database. I don't control your data, you do.
I don't mean to say this will completely replace backend servers and databases, it's just another tool that allows us to consider different approaches, but it makes a lot of sense for personal finance app.
Jack Neto
@jack_neto @bentossell We have a long roadmap ahead of us, here's a few of the subjects we want to tackle:
Budget management
Net worth
Retirement projections
Estate planning
Ben Tossell
@jack_neto awesome! How has the reaction been so far?

What are your next steps/goals for the future?
Ben Tossell
Built on Blockstack!

@jack_neto what is the inspiration behind this?

Why is it built on Blockstack?

What makes this different to other crypto-tax products?