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Goldman-backed startup Circle buys Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange | Reuters

Goldman Sachs-backed payments company Circle has acquired U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, Circle said on Monday, in an effort to cement its position as one of the leading companies in the world

Article posted 2 years ago

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Nick Neuman
This is a pretty big deal- should legitimize Poloniex a bit and provide a true competitor to Coinbase. Also hopefully they will now have the resources to untie their "tether" to USDT
Michael Brune-Waelser
@Nneuman hopefully this will help with the reintroduction of the service back to Washington State. It's a shame that such a heavily tech oriented city (Seattle) is cut off from exchanges that provide better services than Coinbase i.e. Poloniex and Kraken.
@Nneuman That's great news! Thanks for the post.
@Nneuman @michaelbrne do we know why everything is banned in washington state lmao
When are we going to be able to purchase BTC on Circle again?