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Kicking off OST KIT⍺ Phase II: Developer Proofs of Concept Challenge

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who applied for OST KIT⍺ Phase II and to all of you who helped us spread the word. We received over 250 applications from all over the world! OST KIT⍺ Phase II is an…

Article OST posted 11 months ago

with or if you'd like to join the discussion.
Ben Tossell
1. Your POC must demonstrate a successful integration
2. Your POC must include actions triggering transactions in OST KIT
3. OST must be able to view your POC and you consent to OST presenting it as a case study, at OST’s sole discretion.
4. You must submit a halfway status update video
5. You must submit a video showcasing your POC

Developer teams providing a successful POC submission will receive a reward of 50,000 OST.