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The Bitcoin halving is upon us! Let’s celebrate VR-style!
Preparation is required before the event starts. You MUST RSVP to join event! See instructions at the bottom on the page.
Kraken ( is excited to announce we’re working with Reckless VR (, the leading Bitcoin VR events community, to host a special gathering to commemorate Bitcoin’s upcoming rewards reduction.
At Kraken, we want to celebrate Bitcoin for all it continues to accomplish in the fight for a better financial system. That’s why we’re committed to bringing Bitcoiners together for a memorable experience, despite the global uncertainty currently keeping so many apart.
12pm EST - 1pm EST: The Next Halving: Bitcoin in 2024 and Beyond
Jameson Lopp ( – CTO, Casa
Alyse Kileen ( – Managing Partner, Stillmark
Eric Wall ( – Chief Investment Officer, Arcane Assets
Moderated by Pete Rizzo ( - Editor-at-Large, Kraken
1pm EST - 2pm EST: The Bitcoin Halving's Price Impact: What to Expect
Travis Kling ( – Chief Investment Officer, Ikigai Asset Management
Spencer Bogart ( – General Partner, Blockchain Capital
Ari Paul ( – Chief Investment Officer, BlockTower Capital
Moderated by Dan Held ( - Director of Business Development, Kraken
2pm EST - 3pm EST: Bitcoin & the Powers That Be
Neeraj Agrawal ( – Director of Communications, Coin Center
Peter Van Valkenburgh ( – Director of Research, Coin Center
Marco Santori ( – Chief Legal Officer, Kraken
Moderated by Pierre Rochard ( - Lead Bitcoin Strategist, Kraken
3pm EST - 4pm EST: Bitcoin & the Fight for Freedom
Jesse Powell ( - Kraken CEO
Alex Gladstein ( – Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation
This is going to be a comprehensive event, so make sure to charge your devices and have your charging cable ready, so that you don’t run out of juice!
The event is hosted on the AltspaceVR platform. It is available for most VR headsets, and also without a VR headset, on Windows desktops.
Some users had success running it on Linux desktops, by downloading it through Steam and turning on "Steam Play" for all apps and games through Steam settings. Your mileage may vary!
PREPARATION IS REQUIRED to join the event! Please follow the following steps to prepare, BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS, if you plan to join:
On a desktop/mobile web browser, create a new AltspaceVR account ( if you haven't already, or Log in ( if you have.
On this event web page, click the RSVP button. YOU MUST RSVP BEFORE THE EVENTS STARTS, otherwise you won't be able to join. You can't RSVP after it starts!
Download AltspaceVR ( for your platform.
Start the AltspaceVR app and log in with the same account you used on step 1.
Go through the first-time tutorial if you didn't yet. This is required to join the event. You'll select an avatar, then follow the blue arrows on screen to learn how to navigate the world.
When you're done with the tutorial, the Altspace menu should be available through the bottom-right corner. Navigate to EVENTS menu and then the INTERESTED tab, and you should see this event show up there. You're ready! Once the event time arrives, a "join" button will appear here!
For help with any of these steps, and to get notified on future Reckless VR events, please join our Telegram group (!
If you can’t join us in VR, we will also be streaming the event live to Kraken’s Facebook (, Twitter ( and YouTube ( channels!

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