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Blockchain for the air taxi grids. Flying cars are coming. First prototype planned for autumn 2018. Token launch started on Apr 5 with bonuses for early contributors.

Launches Emercoin Ethereum Farad Universa posted 2 years ago

with or if you'd like to join the discussion.
Ben Tossell
What is

Why does it need a token?
Nikolay Bezhko
@bentossell thank you for your question! is an incubator of one thing — urban flight as a service.
Incubator consists of two main elements: Consortium and Community.

Consortium is a group of companies united to develop technologies for the air taxi infrastructure. Now our cities have roads and traffic lights, gas stations and repair stations, parking lots, including technologies for cars manufacturing and developing autonomous systems. The same way everything will be built to support the infrastructure for the urban flight: eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles), chargers, airpads (helipads for the air taxi), autonomous flight systems, pilot simulators to train the new type of pilots and blockchain protocols to transparently support underlying data and value flows.

Community — McFly Chapters — is a globally oriented open movement to promote, improve and implement technologies developed by the Consortium. It's a network of flying car fans, architecture/aviation/blockchain/legal/software experts and entrepreneurs. Leaders of City Chapter engage and grow local community to tell about the project, to share and get expertise, and develop preliminary agreements with government, to set up, expand, maintain and upgrade the air taxi service.

McFly token serves several purposes:
1) 1 McFLY = 1 minute of flight
2) that's an integrated technology embedded into vehicles to measure their lifetime — for safety reasons, an aircraft is prevented from operation after fixed flight-time
3) it is an "ignition key" — only the transfer of McFly tokens into vehicle’s wallet will trigger flight
4) token transactions will also contain flight parameters and records of vehicles’ maintenance
5) a reward to all of the devices within the infrastructure and their respective owners
6) it is a tool to develop glocal community. holding tokens is an incentive for people in key markets to prepare landing pads, chargers, and related services
Raman Shalupau
Are you guys hiring? Where can I find jobs that you are offering?
Nikolay Bezhko
@ksaitor Raman, we don't have any open positions right now, but we are totally open to talents. You can introduce yourself in our Telegram community —, and we would discuss our possible cooperation. We will definitely make Jobs page on our website very soon.