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This PR changes nothing but text and styles. It adds no images. I understand some of this might get down to taste and some people will prefer the more simple version but I think the change in labels and some of the input fields increases accessibility. For example, in the beginning I was confused what each field meant or what was their importance.

I don't mind not having this merged as some might not like it, so I will simply point to my fork.

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  • TokenSoft

    TokenSoft is the volume leader in compliant token sales.

  • Dharma

    The open protocol for tokenized debt.

  • Coinbase

    A secure online platform for buying, selling, and storing digital currencies.

  • Lightning

    A second layer, off-chain scaling proposal for bitcoin.

  • Coda (o1)

    Ensuring the blockchain is inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

  • 0x

    An open protocol for decentralized exchange on the ethereum blockchain.

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