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Nomics: Cryptocurrency Market Caps

An index of cryptocurrency market rankings, along with charts, all-time high and supply data. We also display the latest pricing information for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin C

Launches posted 2 years ago

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Clay Collins (former CEO and current chairman of Leadpages, host of Flippening) just dropped this new and beautifully designed competitor to CMC. Definitely an MVP but looking forward to seeing how this shapes up over time!
@jgulden @bentossell I've seen Clay tee up the longer-term vision here as a Yahoo Finance for crypto, which tells me there's going to be a stronger news and analysis component than some of the other chart sites. seems like the long game is kind of a CMC/CoinDesk hybrid in a shinier wrapper... real time data and high-signal commentary all in one place, with a focus on retail/institutional investors vs crypto diehards.
Ben Tossell
@jgulden Looks good - what is going to pull people away from Coinmarket cap?