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In his book, 1984, published in Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell
predicted a dystopian future with the population subjected to mass
government surveillance. That day is here, but the surveillance isn’t just
that operated by the NSA, but by the Silicon Valley behemoths, hungry for
data to provide their clients with more innovate advertising solutions.

These advertising solutions range from the innocent use of location data to
show us restaurants nearby to the more sinister use of data to influence
elections, as seen with the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

There is a small but growing group of people who are rejecting this form of
surveillance and business is responding. Privacy tools have gone from niche
to standard. Opera includes a built-in VPN, Brave blocks ads and allows for
Tor tabs for anonymous browsing and DuckDuckGo has placed personal privacy
at the centre of search.

A lack of privacy protection can lead to a multitude of problems:

* Hacking

* Personal attacks

* Extortion

* Unwanted attention

* Damaged careers

Despite the risks of not taking control of your privacy, there is still a
general lazy attitude towards it, hence why companies such as Brave and
DuckDuckGo are growing. They are making privacy easy. In this interview

I welcome back Jameson Lopp to talk about his approach to privacy, and his
recent Medium post on the subject: A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal -
How to reclaim your privacy in the surveillance age as well as Jameson
updating me on progress at Casa.

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