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Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2020.06.22

Join Marty and Matt as they discuss:
- Waxwing responds to OXTResearch Joinmarket analysis 
- Gladstein and Elliptic Cofounder debate during messari virtual conference 
- Venezuelan government is now using btcpay server for passport applications 
- Glupteba malware uses bitcoin for communication
- Mobile wallet comparison by bitcoinqna 
- Bitcoin Wallet Tracker v0.1.4 
- Electrum v4.0-beta
- Lily Wallet multisig beta wallet for coldcard users 
- Guide for using LND with dojo by dammkewl 
- Gladstein bitcoin and human rights video
- Square Crypto design initiative and grants 
- Kraken grant to btcpay server for $150,000 
- Sci-Hub accepts bitcoin donations because paypal blocked them 
- Paypal/Venmo may start offering bitcoin purchases 
- Bitmain power struggle continues 
- NY Bitlicense gets a little less shitty 
- Oracle BlueKai corporate surveillance data leaks 
- The US Senate has a new anti-encryption bill 
- FBI used social media to arrest protesters/looters 
- Facebook and the FBI hacked Tails OS ye

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