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releases new Nano S firmware update

We’re thrilled to release a new firmware update (version 1.5.5) for the Ledger Nano S, which brings new cryptographic algorithms, security improvements and additional features. New cryptographic algorithms Ledger aims to provide its users with the most flexible platform, supporting a maximum number of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. The upgrades included in this update will provide more possibilities for third party developers to bring support for their favorite crypto assets by adding several specific cryptographic algorithms which were previously missing. We will regularly implement new algorithms in BOLOS and deploy them to all devices through firmware updates. This update will provide the following algorithms: New hashes BLAKE2b: this enables size reduction of projects already using BLAKE2b (ZCash and Komodo following the Sapling update, Nano and others). Groestl: this enables the future support of Groestlcoin. New signatures Schnorr with Zilliqa scheme: this enables the future support of Zilliqa. New derivation schemes Bip32-ed25519: this enables the future support of Cardano and new Tezos derivation paths. Security improvements The Donjon security team is continuously attacking the Ledger Nano S. This process allows us to improve the security of our devices. Furthermore, we have a bounty program allowing security researchers to be rewarded for their findings. Since the 1.4.2 release, a …

Article posted 6 months ago

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