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Reviewing the Bitmain IPO with Samson Mow and Katherine Wu

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Thursday 18th October
Company: Blockstream (Samson Mow), Messari (Katherine Wu)
Role: Chief Strategy Office (Samson Mow), Director of Business Development
(Katherine Wu)

The Bitmain IPO was to be the largest in history. Riding the 2017 bull run,
Bitmain delivered staggering growth numbers with $billions in revenue and
profit, but the bear market crash of 2018 has exposed fragilities in the
business and raised many concerns with operations and strategy.

Coindesk reported this week that investors received false information
around the most recent funding round, this alongside the significant
questions surrounding the balance sheet, faltering innovation and the
decision to support and prop up the price of Bitcoin Cash is casting a
shadow over the IPO.

In this interview, I discuss the IPO and the state of Bitmain with
Blockstream’s Samson Mow and Messari’s Katherine Wu.

Article posted 1 year ago

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