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Robinhood Crypto: Invest in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies,

Invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and options commission-free — all in one app.

Launches posted 2 years ago

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Ben Lang
Wow, Coinbase vs Robinhood is going to be quite the competition.
Ben Tossell
OH on Twitter:

Isn’t this 100% about embedding the fees in either the bid-ask spread, currency exchange or both?

almost certainly. i am biased (investor and board member at Coinbase) but i would prefer to know the fees vs having them buried.

Maybe @vladtenev & @bprafulkumar can answer. Vlad told me placing the orders is technically cheap, it finds the lowest price for buys, and it earns the money back long-term via interest and premium subscriptions
How do they make money if they are feeless?
Nick Neuman
@CryptoCurrent I've used Robinhood to trade stocks before. They have "Robinhood Gold" premium version, which allows you to use margin and gives you unlimited day trades. On the free side, you only get 5 (if I remember right) day trades each day. So for people who are heavy traders, they'll pay for premium & that's where Robinhood will make money.

I'm not sure whether the comments above about hiding the fees are correct or not, but would certainly be disingenuous and go against all of their brand messaging.
Steven Puppo
RH may not be a decentralized exchange but it's better than paying the crazy fees from coinbase.
Ben Tossell
This is HUGE

But Robinhood isn't available in the UK...soooooo
Calvin Chu
just beat me to it! :)
Fee free transactions <3
@calchulus How does Robinhood make their money again?
Kevin Moore
@calchulus @prestonattebery Premium service subscriptions and margin lending.