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State of the DApps: 5 Observations From Usage Data (April 2018)

In this post, I want to dive into his fourth observation that blockchains “lack killer apps” and understand just how far away we are to real applications (not tokens, not store of value, etc.) being…

Article Ethereum posted 2 years ago

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Ben Tossell
@mccannatron what are your key takeaways?

What do you think the big opportunities are right now for actual GOOD DApps?
Chris McCann
@bentossell The key takeaways for me are all in the article (last 5 numbered observations).

"What are the good opportunities for DApps which can reach real consumer adoption - lets start with at least 1M+ DAU" - Is the really hard question. If there were easy answers to this question, we would already see a lot more Dapps with user adoption.

The overarching story right now is blockchains aren't scaleable, so we need scaling solutions first before we can even build DApps with adoption. However my take is this is focused too much on the supply side, when we also need to think about what DApps would drive real consumer adoption.

The "easiest" first ones will all be about money, value transfer, trading, and speculation - which are all the top use cases today. So things like decentralized exchanges at scale, provably fair casino games, prediction markets, decentralized P2P lending, etc would be my first prediction of things that have real usage.

After that we could go in either one of three directions (or potentially some combination of them):

1) Real security tokens and the infrastructure built around that. (Still largely trading, exchanges, speculation, etc)

2) Games, social applications, etc - outside of just collectibles. For this one a lot of things need to be built out on the user facing infrastructure tools (Toshi, Status, Cipher, etc)

3) Some new kinds of DApps that really take advantage of the inherent properties of blockchains (censorship resistance, immutability of data, portability of user data, self soverignty, etc) which we haven't seen yet. As the scalability challenges get solved this could open up new use cases we haven't even thought about or seen yet.

These are just my guesses based on where we are today. My TLDR takeaway from analyzing all of this data is we are very very early in the development of DApps. Would be great to hear what other people in the community have to say though.