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Ildi Xhaholli
"Casa is targeting high net worth individuals and family offices, and its service doesn’t come cheap. Its annual fee will be in the five-figure range, Welch says, declining to provide further details."

Im not sure why someone who has amassed a large wealth of crypto would pay five-figures to receive a piece of mind from a third-party service instead of personally acquiring the knowledge required to keep your assets safe. I'm interested in knowing what research Casa has done to validate that there's a customer base for such a product/service?
Neil Deramchi
Much needed and great for those who can afford it but overpriced nonetheless... especially considering 3 of the five keys don't even live with Casa, they're stored on Tezos and Ledger, which they recommend storing in three different places (house, office, bank). Arguably I could do all of that myself without bringing in Casa for the other two keys (though to be fair most people lack the common sense or experience to come up with a plan like that). Overall not terribly sold, but I do appreciate their aim of "explaining to people [the] ideology of self-reliance and personal responsibility", and that multiple verifications are required for access.
Might also help panic spenders/sellers think twice... since now they have to make that extra trip to the bank or office to get their wallets before accessing their funds... (and perhaps take a nice walk in the park and cool their head of crazy ideas while they're at it).
Ben Tossell

Just signed up for early access :)

Here is the coverage on Fortune:

"Founder and CEO Jeremy Welch says Casa is “premium hodl software,” using the crypto community’s preferred term for buy-and-hold investing. Targeted at people who own from $400,000 to $10 million in crypto assets, Casa is a digital wallet that requires users to electronically sign three different devices to move assets. Welch’s goal is to create an easier way for customers to manage their own private keys, the sets of numbers and letters that let you transfer cryptocurrencies. At launch, bitcoin will be the only crypto asset supported. Casa plans to add ether, the currency of the second-largest crypto network, Ethereum, in the second quarter of 2018. Other coins will follow, Welch says."