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In this wide-ranging discussion, Castle Island Ventures founding partner and Coin Metrics co-founder Nic Carter joins @NLW to discuss: Why corporations weren’t adequately prepared for any serious economic trouble, much less a global pandemic  Why government backstopping the corporations leads to inappropriate risk-taking  How stock buybacks became a boogeyman of the current crisis  Why the crisis is actually four crises in one: health, economic, financial, and geopolitical How Covid-19 could accelerate the US’ withdrawal from the world and China stepping into the void  Why the response to the handling of Covid-19 could lead some to authoritarianism  How stablecoins are allowing global market exposure to the world’s most in-demand currency: the USD  Why stablecoins and central bank digital currencies look the same but are functionally opposite  Why a ‘naive safe haven’ narrative was never correct for bitcoin Why bitcoin was designed for exactly this type of moment.

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