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Meet Aníbal Santaella Sánchez and Paola Rodriguez-Giustiniani from Venezuela. The couple left the country three years ago and live in Scotland now. Anibal started mining bitcoin back in Venezuela, but when the national forces started prosecuting miners, he stopped. Bitcoin is the only way for Anibal to send money to his father in Venezuela. Listen to the podcast episode to find out how this works, how the exchange ban and the regime have ruined the country that ended in todays humanitarian crisis and why the Petro is a scam.

Anibal and Paola are also runners and will run the Berlin Marathon as a part of Team Satoshi on the 29th of September. Side story: Andreas M. Antonopoulos was the one who connected Vitus Zeller, the initiator of Team Satoshi, with Anibal & Paola.
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