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The Reimagining Of Risk Capital – Hacker Noon

Startups pattern themselves off the capital available to them. The creativity and diversity of strategies around how crypto economies are funded is not only the first and (so far) most powerful…
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Ben Tossell
@nlw what are the key takeaways from this post?
Nathaniel Whittemore
1. Fundraising is arguably the first killer app of crypto
2. There was so much money to be made in ICOs last year that it sort of obscured the fact that a huge amount of creativity and diversity in capital formation was occurring
3. The projects being built do not fit easily into any one box or another, with many looking more like complete digital economies than for profit companies
4. It is a tendency for startups to mirror the funding sources available to them. By having more diverse capital strategies, we’re more likely to see new organizational models flourish