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Ben Tossell
Really interesting report - worth taking a read

A Year in Review & an Outlook for 2018
Max Mersch

Of course - tl;dr for quantitative part:
- $5.6b raised in token sales in 2017 compared to $240m in 2016
- Increasing amount through the year
- 52% of token sales reported failing to reach their target or just dissapeared
- Overall, tokens have still outperforme ETH/BTC, but this is mostly due to the handful of big out-performers
- Europe is actually ahead of the US in terms of funding
- highly distribured teams - around 70% if projects have founders in multiple countries
Ricky Tan @ TokenData was the core driver for the quantitative piece.

The 2nd part is a dive into 4 of the areas we’re most excited about for 2018:
1) The future of open source software funding as the premier method of developing software (with specific input from Mike Hearn, Eleftherios Diakomichalis and Allan Mertner)
2) The urgent need for dev tools and focusing on upgradability and the emergence of new standards (with specific input from Demian Brener and Luis Cuende)
3) Development efforts on scalability while keeping blockchains both secure and decentralised. (With specific input from Elizabeth Stark, Jutta Steiner, Peter Czaban, Julien Bouteloup & Alexander Cullum)
4) The importance of stablecoins if we want to create digital economies.

Ben Tossell
@bentossell @MerschMax_ AWESOME!

would love a TLDR of the report for the skimmers :)

What were some of the most interesting takeaways from this report?
Max Mersch
@bentossell thanks Ben!
Happy to answer any questions