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Tim Draper and Republic looking for crypto startup investment opportunities

Pitch your startup on TV to one of the most prominent families in Silicon Valley and millions of viewers. Brought to you by Sony Entertainment Television and Republic.

Article Bitcoin Ethereum Stellar posted 2 years ago

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Chuck Pettid
What is Meet the Drapers? - Meet the Drapers is a TV show on Sony Pictures Networks. Viewers at home get to listen in on pitches startups make to Bill, Tim, Jesse Draper and their VC friends.

Who are the Drapers? - One of the most prominent families in the Silicon Valley venture capital ecosystem and have made early investments in Hotmail, Skype, Tesla and Coinbase to name a few. Now they are looking to Meet the Drapers to find the next great ideas.

Who will be watching? - Viewers from 150 countries around the world + online streaming is available for Season 2.

Where can companies apply to be on the show and how long will this take? - That can be done on this page and it takes 3 minutes. Finalists will be chosen around May 10, 2018. Production starts in June 2018 in San Francisco.
Ben Tossell
@chucksterolove what is the story here? Is it like a crypto shark tank?