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Video: Cypherpunks Write Code And Bitcoin's History

In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Jim Epstein discusses his "Cypherpunks Write Code" miniseries and the history of Bitcoin.

Article posted 6 months ago

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Lillian Procter
Bitcoin history is pretty clear that somebody has made it for clearing the loss but now it has become a digital currency which you can read by an article here and give a light to more information which supposed to be made it a big investment
Thanks for your video. To make it clear to other users, Cypherpunks are an informal group of people interested in maintaining anonymity and interested in cryptography. Initially, the cypherpunks communicated through a network of anonymous remailers. The goal of this group was to achieve anonymity and security through the active use of cryptography. Projects like GURPS Cyberpunk have given weight to the idea that individuals should take action to preserve their privacy. During its heyday, the cypherpunk network was replete with discussions of public policy measures regarding cryptography, along with hands-on conversations on mathematical, computational, technological, and cryptographic topics per se. I gathered this information from videos on YouTube in which the authors talk about the history of bitcoin. There you can find about five dozen videos on this topic and I noticed that most of them have more than 36 thousand views! I am sure this is because the authors of such videos use the services of to quickly increase the number of subscribers.