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Nick Neuman
I didn't get much of a response on Twitter because I'm not twitter-famous, but I'd like to see what the TD community thinks about this.

How have you heard of people storing their private keys? What improvements could be made? What are your thoughts on my suggestions in the linked tweet thread?
Ben Tossell
@Nneuman I'd like to think of myself as fairly tech-literate but when it came down to actually setting up my Ledger Nano S, I got stuck. So I gave up.

Keep meaning to give it another go but just still havent!

I have found a few articles out there to run through step-by-step:

But agree that perhaps it still doesn't pass the Mom test
Nick Neuman
@Nneuman @bentossell That's super interesting. I don't have a Ledger Nano S so haven't really had a chance to check out the UX of it. Even after setting up the Ledger, though, you still have to find somewhere to keep your seed phrase in case you ever lose it.

Curious to find out from people here - if the UX was good, would you share a hashed version of *part* of your seed phrase with multiple friends? That way if you lose access, you would need to get that hash number from 3 out of 4 of the people you shared it with? This seems like a good safety precaution to me, but I'm trying to judge if I'm just too deep into cryptoland at this point and have lost touch with the outside world (aka people who use "[email protected]!" as their single password for everything).