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This is an implementation of the Schnorr/taproot consensus rules proposed by BIPs 340, 341, and 342 (see current bitcoin/bips#876).
It consists of:

#16902 to avoid the O(n^2) behavior in IF/ELSE/END handling that would be exacerbated by the BIP 342 changes.
Addition of Schnorr signatures and 32-byte pubkey support to libsecp256k1 subtree (bitcoin-core/secp256k1#558 PR 558), following BIP 340.
The taproot validation specified in BIP 341.
Script validation under taproot (aka tapscript), specified in BIP 342.
Addition of signing logic for Schnorr/Taproot to the Python test framework, and tests for the above.

This does not include any wallet support.
Merging this is obviously conditional on getting community support for the proposal. It's opened here to demonstrate the code changes that it would imply.

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