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In this commit, we add new feature to lncli sendpayment (and the RPC): the ability to send a payment to a destination without first needing to have an invoice. This allows users to start exploring a new set of use cases that benefits from this type of spontaneous payment. The payment can also carry additional application-specific data such as an account ID, API call, etc. This new feature requires the new EOB (extra onion blob parsing) implemented here. The coolest part about this new feature is that it can be used today in the wild as long as both nodes are updated to this branch!
An example run on the cli:
⛰ lncli --network=simnet sendpayment --dest=02788242941915ed5a101511b8dfeb6db81e0fcd7546f6a55ef4dedf590a7d7ff4 --amt=100 --sphinx
"payment_error": "",
"payment_preimage": "0b1661fb77071fa5efd2217e380c93068bc3dc6e40e302673ff6373ecd8997b5",
"payment_route": {
"total_time_lock": 3299,
"total_amt": 100,
"hops": [
"chan_id": 3610796185681920,
"chan_capacity": 15000000,
"amt_to_forward": 100,
"expiry": 3299,
"amt_to_forward_msat": 100000,
"pub_key": "02788242941915ed5a101511b8dfeb6db81e0fcd7546f6a55ef4dedf590a7d7ff4"
"total_amt_msat": 100000

NOTE: This is only a draft implementation and while it works today on mainnet out of the box (if both sides are upgraded) much this will likely change. Notably the modifications in the link are very hacky and will likely be refactored in preparation of AMP and the like.

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