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As 2019 comes to a close, plenty of outlets will be recapping the biggest
stories of the year. From DeFi to Libra, the most obvious stories have been
thoroughly discussed. In this year's final edition of this newsletter, I'd
like to do something different. What were the most underrated and
under-covered stories in crypto this year, relative to their potential
importance and impact?

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  • TokenSoft

    TokenSoft is the volume leader in compliant token sales.

  • Dharma

    The open protocol for tokenized debt.

  • Coinbase

    A secure online platform for buying, selling, and storing digital currencies.

  • Lightning

    A second layer, off-chain scaling proposal for bitcoin.

  • Coda (o1)

    Ensuring the blockchain is inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

  • 0x

    An open protocol for decentralized exchange on the ethereum blockchain.

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